Manual point machine of 42 series for deployment in flat-bottom points
Manual point machine of 42 series adaptable in earthcases of other makes

Point Machines of the 42 Series

HANNING & KAHL has driven forward the technological development for trailed points and also for faced points which are seldom re-set. Manual point machines in innovative, reliable design with particularly low installation height.

Attributes of the 42 series:
- Very low installation height of just 180 mm
- Spring-back or throwover function? Simply set with the same components on site
- For most point types, gauges and point openings up to 60 mm
- Manual setting with low force requirement with just one stroke
- Progressively adjustable spring force for securing point tongues in end positions
- Progressively adjustable damping means noise reduction and wear protection
- Can be adapted in earthcases of other makes and in earthcase of the HANNING & KAHL 60 and 61.1 series
- Corrosion-protected components

Technical Data 42 Series

Drive manual, in throw-over and trailable function
Point type grooved rail (flat-bed, deep-bed)
Retention up to 2,500 N
Point opening up to 60 mm (throw-over up to 45 mm)
Overall height 180 mm incl. earthcase