Diverse planning, dispatch and monitoring tasks must be performed prior to daily deployment
Service station of a Depot Management System
The “Operate and Observe“ system visualises important control cente information

Depot management systems

Before trains begin their daily operations, multifaceted planning, dispatch and monitoring tasks have to be performed on depots. Vehicles, parking places and workshop appointments are allocated allowing for the requirements of timetable provision, technical vehicle service and maintenance work.

Depot management system (BMS)
BMS supplied by VAB controls all standard sequences on a depot to the greatest possible extent. Cross-depot vehicle deployment can be coordinated and controlled if all depots operated by a transport authority are compiled into one system. With numerous interfaces to peripheral systems, BMS functions as a central data hub.

Operate & Observe 
The Operate & Observe (O&O) system is used by tram operators and feeder and industrial railways for management of complex depots and also for smaller signalling installations like intersections, level crossings, tunnels or termini as well as single point controllers in the network. It is thus the operating user interface for our controllers.