Mobile hydraulic testing device
Connector panel for laptop, hydraulic power unit, spring-applied calipers, pressure measurement and brake-force measuring device
Display mask of the protocol values for a hydraulic power unit
Display mask for the function test with inspection protocol for a hydraulic power unit

Trouble shooting on actuators and hydro units

Mobile hydaulic testing device

The mobile testing device consists of an electric and a hydraulic unit installed in a compact case with integrated trolley.

Sporadic malfunctions can be located directly on vehicles with the testing device. Error sources can be located more rapidly and remedied faster. Error diagnosisis largely automatic and requires only minimum personnel. The testing device is compact and can be easily transported.

Test results are controlled and evaluated via laptop connected directly to the testing device. Errors are displayed in detail - with date, clock time, force and pressure values.

Technical Data

Energy supply Connection of laptop and testing device for force measurement 230 V 50 Hz AC. For the processor controller and control of the hydraulic units 24 V DC
Dimensions 600 x 370 x 480 mm (LxWxH)
Weight Approx. 30 kg
Test programs Force measurement on the spring-applied actuator, Pressure measurement on the hydraulic unit or springapplied actuator, Tightness test of the hydraulic unit (e.g. valves), Test of end switches in the spring-applied actuator, Indepenent testing of all the brake system components (without connection to the vehicle controller), The results of the individual test programs are stored in a test report.