Assembly of a point heater controller with limited space capacity
Point heating at work

The End of the Ice Age.

When the ice comes ...
With temperatures around or below zero plus high humidity or precipitation, points can quickly freeze over and become difficult to set. Point heaters must be switched on in good time to avoid problems and to heat the points in energy-saving manner.

... your points are safe.
HANNING & KAHL offers a reliable solution: the HCP control panel as an autark system for point heater controllers. Continuously analysing temperature and air humidity in the area of the point, the HCP switches point heaters on automatically when parameters become critical, and off again as soon as temperatures rise.

HCP point heater controllers comply with VDV guideline 560 and fulfil the following standards:
- DIN EN 50121-4 (EMC)
- DIN EN 50122-1 (Protective measures)
- DIN EN 50125-3 (Environmental conditions)
- DIN EN 50163 (Feeding voltages)

Innovative technology keeps trains on track
The HCP is a self-contained monitoring and control unit for 1-6 heating groups, whereby each heating group can consist of any number of heating rods. The system can be extended in line with requirements. Through its network capability it offers particular convenience and superior technical potential. The system can be remotely controlled and monitored via an external network. Together with the digital temperature and humidity sensors, the temperature detection system offers decisive advantages and fulfils all the demands of an energy-saving point heater system.

This system enables networking of 250 individual point heaters which can be monitored and activated at one central location. The main functions of telecontrol are:

  • Transmission of switching commands to different groups of installations which can be freely configured by the user, and monitoring of switch-on acknowledgement
  • Display of installation status in tabular or graphic overviews: for example green for “In operation“ or red for “Malfunction“
  • Specification of switching times and automatic switch-on and switch-off
  • Automatic forwarding of malfunction reports to competent staff per email, text message or similar.
  • Logging of measured values, reports when malfunctions occur and when faults are cleared, reports when switching commands are transmitted, and acknowledgement
  • Processing of different malfunction reports and display in an overview

Energy-saving and intelligent
With the HCP, important processes can be controlled individually and intelligently. You can determine precisely when point heaters are switched on – as early as necessary, as late as possible. When extreme situations, such as black ice, occur, the control inputs enable central switch-on of all heaters in „special operation“. “Special operation” can be exited by mouse click or after a time interval.

Regulation with just one temperature sensor on the rail saves over 50% of the energy consumption compared with uncontrolled heating in the same time period. Savings of 70% to 80% are possible with further sensors and intelligent networking.

Features of the HCP:

  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • Load outputs
  • Connections for multiple temperature sensors
  • Interfaces for data communication on the front
  • Matrix display with background illumination
  • Adjustable switch-on/switch-off temperature
  • Adjustable switch-over temperature
  • Integrated clock
  • Error memory
  • Multilingualism and remote maintenance possible

Stand-alone or Integral
Point heater controllers with the HCP are available as stand-alone units and as integral parts of HANNING & KAHL point controllers. As a system from a single source, the HCP is ideally tuned to the point controller. The system can be adapted to almost any infrastructure.

Advantages of the Point Heater Controller with HCP:

  • Simple retrofitting of existing systems
  • Automatic regulation saves energy
  • Ideal for set-up of automatic heating systems
  • Compact design – low space requirement
  • Innovative menu- controlled user guidance
  • Large illuminated clear-text display
  • Network-compatible, can be centrally controlled
  • Wear-free
  • Economically efficient
  • Compliance with relevant rail norms
  • Protection of the rail body by temperature limitation (parametrizable)

Trend-Setting Integrated Solutions
We provide individual, logically-consistent turnkey solutions. HANNING & KAHL is an established system supplier to transport authorities all over the world with a proven track record – also as a one-stop solution for point heater systems:

  • HCP Point heater controllers
  • Point heating rods incl. attachment material
  • Point heater boxes
  • Sensors for rail temperature, air temperature and humidity
  • Control cabinet
  • Cabling

From initial consultation to commissioning, you profit from HANNING & KAHL‘s valuable expertise and tried-and-tested solutions. Benefit from our experience for future-proof and cost-effective design engineering and implementation.

Technical Data

Operating voltage DC 600 (750) V, AC 230/400 V, DC 24 V
Permissible temperature range -25 ... +70 °C
Can be supplied on a mounting plate integrated into a controller or in a separate control cabinet
Control Temperature and/or humidity-dependent via remote switch-on
Heating-rod operating voltage AC 240 V (with or without upstream isolating transformers) or DC 600 (750) V
Heating-rod heating capacity 900 to 1200 W
Number of heating rods 2 plus (depending on possible size of the control cabinet)
Monitoring current sensors per heating rod
Diagnosis via cable, fibre optics or radio data transmission