Overall view of the HWU500 in open earthcase
Point machine HWU500 in a grooved rail point
Rod connection directly on the lever box
Manual point machines 500 series

Manual Point Machines of the 500 Series

With point machine HWU500, HANNING & KAHL has developed a manual point machine for grooved rail points in throwover and spring-back function which withstands increased precipitation, severe contamination and other extreme environmental influences.

In a housing with IP67 (EN 60529), the components of HWU500 point machine are optimally protected against external influences. Spring-actuated hold of the point ton-gues is ensured by fatigue-durable pressure springs. The point machine can be trailed wear-free. In spite of the high holding forces, the point machine can be easily set with one stoke of the setting lever.

Treated with the newest coating processes from the auto-mobile industry, the components are protected against cor-rosion in the housing.

Attributes of the manual 500 series:

  • Manual setting with low force requirement purely mechanically with just one stroke
  • Adjustable fatigue-durable pressure spring assembly
  • Damping for noise reduction and wear-protection
  • Corrosion protection of all components
  • IP67 (EN 60529)
  • Rod connection directy on the lever box – thus no rod opening on the housing

Technical Data Manual Point Machine 500 Series

Drive manual in spring-back and throw-over function
Point type grooved rail and flat-bottom
Holding force* up to 4,000 N
Point opening* up to 65 mm
Temperature range - 25°C…+ 70°C
Protection class IP67 in compliance with EN 60529