Point machine for the People Mover
Switch & Control for the container terminal
Double diamond points
ILASS® installation

Exporting expertise

Unconventional tasks call for extraordinary expertise and commitment. At HANNING & KAHL, we welcome challenges. In teamwork with customers we put innovative solutions into practice. The experience and innovative strength of HANNING & KAHL are appreciated all over the world, including Asia and the USA, where sophisticated projects are often realised.

People mover point machines
People movers are driverless transport systems. Trains drive on rubber tyres and are guided by a rail in the centre of the trackway or they use the customary wheel-rail system. Here, too, international operators rely on the superior and proven systems supplied by HANNING & KAHL for point-setting and locking technology. Our point machine locks points with positive locking. Vehicles are not given the go-ahead until end position and locking have been double-checked. The point-setting system is installed in line with individual wishes. All electrical drive variants can be catered for.

Switch & Control
Technical equipment deployed in container terminals is exposed to extreme conditions. Engineers and operators all over the world are convinced by the legendary stability of HANNING & KAHL point machines. For special requirements: all components, including the point controller and signals, are embedded in the ground and can be crossed by heavy road traffic. Embedded installation ensures free transportation routes and prevents vandalism and unauthorized activation.

Point Machines for frogs and wing rails, sequence and multi-tongue points
Increasing networking of tram and light rail vehicles bring new requirements for line management. Today, tram and light rail vehicles drive on tracks which combine 1,000 mm and 1,435 mm gauges. The solutions are special points with HANNING & KAHL point-setting systems, e.g. frog and wing-rail points. Here, the movable point parts are set by HANNING & KAHL technology, secured in their end positions and checked.
Further special applications include sequence or multi-tongue points. For these variants, too, proven HANNING & KAHL point-setting technology can be used without limitation.

ILASS® Integrated Locking And Switch System
ILASS® combines point lock and point machine in one system - the outstanding advantages of the CDP point lock EVZ and the HANNING & KAHL point machines H715 in a compact, robust system. The result: superior performance, greatest convenience and highest reliability. ILASS® is SIL 4 in compliance with CENELEC EN 50129 approved as an all-in-one system and predestined for all flat-bottom rail networks with its compact design:

  • Mainline, high-speed and heavy-duty traffic
  • Secondary and industrial lines
  • Metro/underground railways
  • Tram and light rail lines

ILASS® can replace existing point machines with minimum retrofitting effort. The standard interfaces (detector and drive rods) can be used. Installation side can be freely chosen and easily changed.