Spring-applied actuators serve as "fail-safe elements" of the safety of the vehicle.
Spring-applied actuator HYS 101 installed in the motor bogie of a low-floor vehicle.
Installed spring-applied actuator HYS 35x.
External spring-applied actuator HYS 25x in the trailer bogie of a low-floor vehicle.
Spring-applied actuator HYS 4xx installed in a driverless system.

Spring-applied actuators

Spring-applied actuators are the “fail-safe ele-ments“ of the safety system in tram vehicles; if the energy supply fails, the braking force is provided with the force of a mechanical spring. The brake caliper design is particularly preferred in low-floor vehicles as there is not enough space for solutions which require brake riggings. Brake calipers are also lighter and they also have lower working strokes which reduces reaction time and the braking distance, too.

Spring-applied brake calipers can either be mounted on the hollow shaft of the gear box, on single-running wheels or on the fast-running motor shaft. No matter where they are mounted, HANNING & KAHL modules perform with optimum efficiency.

Apart from the basic “Brake/Release“ function, most spring-applied actuator types are equipped with further functions: a second hydraulic release circuit, automatic slack adjuster and a manual auxiliary release possibility.

Technical Data

Type HYS 4xx HYS 35xx HYS 25xx HYS 1xx
Mounted to/effective as motor shaft (high speed) axle brake hollow gearbox shaft/axle brake wheel/single wheel brake motor shaft (high speed)/axle brake
Force range (kn) 14,5 – 35 kN 30 – 50 kN 15 – 30 kN 4 – 10 kN
Force transfer cartridge, direct cartridge, lever cartridge, lever cartridge, direct
Slack adjustment automatic automatic automatic manual/automatic
Brake disk (Ø, Breite) ø bis 640 mm, s bis 100 mm ø 340 – 440 mm, s 60 mm ø 340 – 440 mm, s 32 – 65 mm ø 300 – 350 mm, s 35 mm