Original spare parts can be supplied even if individual components have been discontinued
Express supplies of spare parts to ensure availability of your components and systems
Spare-part management. Quality by original spare parts

Quality with Original Spare Parts.

Spare-Part Management

When spare parts are needed, they are needed urgently. Therefore we strive to supply all vital HANNING & KAHL spare parts at short notice. Express delivery within 24 hours is also possible. This applies to brake components and products for infrastructure. All over the world, transport authorities have had our products in never-tiring service for more than 30 years. At HANNING & KAHL, supplying original spare parts for long discontinued individual components is not just a challenge; it is an obligation. With our special spare-part kits you can also technically upgrade your equipment. Active obsolescence management at HANNING & KAHL also ensures the availability of your equipment even when suppliers discontinue key components. And we have a system for doing so: when developing new products or modifying older ones, the compatibility of old and new is at the forefront of our deliberations – to make sure that today’s technology is still state-of-the-art tomorrow. At HANNING & KAHL, spare-part management does not stop with the individual article. Elaborating spare-part concepts together with users of our products and jointly compiling spare-part kits for maintenance are just some of our strong points.