Complete function test for each point machine
Disassembly and cleaning of all components
Assembly and setting of dismantled components

Maintaining High Standards.

Preventative Maintenance

If transport authorities are to provide reliable service in safe and economically-efficient manner, preventive maintenance is a must. We offer you preventive maintenance for point machines as an alternative to our general overhaul. This paves the way for virtually 100% technical availability. We disassemble your point machine and renew all wear parts and consumables in order to ensure smooth operations.
To qualify for preventive maintenance your point machine must fulfil the following conditions:
  • it is maximal 6 years old (from date of supply),
  • the last overhaul at HANNING & KAHL was max. 6
  • years ago,
  • fully-functional,
  • it does not present any defects,
  • it has no water penetration.