The test signal is located with the signal tracking principle and displayed
ISKO - Locating insulation and contact faults
Signal sensor and generator are included in the scope of supply

Insulation Fault Locator SICO 3017 ISKO

Certain electrical connections are needed for safe and steady operation of track and blocking circuits and traction current supply. The Insulation Fault Locator SICO 3017ISKO is the perfect device for locating the connections required when installing trackor blocking circuits, and when locating faults. Faults relating to contact failures, short circuits and transition resistance can be located in the following areas:
  • Rails and sleepers,
  • Insulated points,
  • Insulated joints,
  • Impedance bond transformers,
  • S-connectors,
  • Balancing connectors,
  • Electric power supply and output on trackcircuits,
  • Heating insulation,
  • Earth cables and- Short-circuit connectors.
It locates defective insulation and fault ycontacts inch by inch in tracks. Faults can also be detected on hidden elements, for example on cables in ballast, track rods and short-circuit connectors under paving, asphalt or concrete, and vehicle detection equipment (track loops). Technology
Faults are detected by signal tracking. The operating frequencies of track and blocking circuits, automatic train control, and vehicle detection equipment (trackloops) are used as test signals.  A small transportable transmitter can be used if test signals are not available. The test signal is tracked in the sensor with a search coil, then filtered with high selectivity and made audible by a loudspeaker. SICO 3017 ISKO finds the strongest test signal and adapts automatically to the level ratio. The housing is made of lightweight, premium-quality material. The sensor is continuously adjustable in length for easier transportation. The transmitter can be installed on the head or web of the rail with a permanent magnet and does not have to be removed from the web for trains to pass.

Technical Data

Maximum distance for fault finding with transmitter 250 m ... 400 m
Indication acoustic, modulated signal
Operating time sensor ≥ 5 hours
Operating time transmitter ≥ 2 hours
Operating frequency range sensor 4.5 kHz …105.0 kHz
Operating frequency transmitter 102.4 kHz
Power supply sensor 2 batteries/rechargeable batteries, size AA
Power supply transmitter 4 batteries/rechargeable batteries, size AA
Operating temperature range -20°C ... +55°C
Protection type double-insulated
Weight sensor approx. 600 g
Weight transmitter with batteries 1200 g
Transport length 57 cm
operating length sensor 100 cm