Single-line track safety devices
Single-line track safety devices

Signalling installations

HANNING & KAHL designs signalling installations for each individual application. HANNING & KAHL's exemplary safety level complies with current standards. User-friendly operation ensures error-free sequences. The advantages include:
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • High availability with low maintenance
  • Integrated event recorder with convenient evaluation software
  • Networking via fibre optics, bus systems etc.

Single-line track safety devices
If two-track operation is not possible for technical reasons; if it is interruptedby construction work or not economically efficient, driving operations are regulated by single-line track-safety devices. All HANNING & KAHL signalling installations are customized right from the project-engineering stage. We can offer you stationary and transportable equipment for connection of different types of switching equipment: Terminal loops
At terminal stations and on line networks, vehicles have to change driving direction or park. This normally entails driving onto the opposite track (oncoming trains). This area must be secured with signalling technology to prevent collisions.


Crossovers which require signal protection are generally at the beginning and at the end of the line. They consist of electric points and a number of Drive/Stop signals. The task of crossovers is to guide trains into and out of stop station tracks safely and without delay. Controllers prevent collision and derailing.