VABcon - Subscription Management and Student Transport
VABdepot - Depot Management
VABnet - Management Control and Information Systems
VABtrack - Infrastructure Management
Corporate office floors on the banks of the River Spree

Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin

Since 1990 the Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH convinces again and again as a committed service provider with innovative products of process control, management control and information technology for more attractivity, reliability and efficiency in public passenger traffic. The company with 42 experienced and well-trained employees stands for closeness to their customers, flexible quotations, reliable realisation of the orders and comprehensive service and support. The established products
  • VABdepot  Depot Management
  • VABtrack  Infrastructure Management
  • VABnet     Management Control and Information Systems
  • VABcon     Subscription Management and Student Transport
characterize the core competences of the company. Many customers from Germany and Europe have benefited from this. Advanced system solutions are developed from trustful connections, extensive experiences and individual specification - sustainable and future-proof. More informationen: www.vaberlin.de