Filter-flushing unit in operation on the bogie
Filter flushing unit for maintenance of hydraulic brake system
Filter flushing unit with touch display

Filter flushing unit

The filter flushing unit can be used to fill the hydraulic units, to bleed the actuators and to flush the entire hydraulic tubing. The purity of the oil in the tram can be checked with the inte grated  oil  purity measuring device. If necessary, the device cleans the oil to the prescribed ISO purity class stipulated in the HANNING & KAHL operating manual. The unit switches off automa tically when the set values are reached. A protocol is created in PDF format and stored on a USB.

Technical Data Filter flushing unit

Operating voltage V 230 AC
Electro-hydraulic pump/electric motor V 230 AC
Speed 1400 min-1
Current consumption 7.2 A
Capacity/working pressures of the pump Q1=18 l/min when p1=20 bar,Q2=3 l/min when p2=70 bar
Oil tank/effective volume 40 l
Protection IP40
Measured volume flow 50 – 150 ml/min
Admissible viscosity range 15 – 1,000 mm2/s
Media temperature range 0 – +70°C
Length 1,200 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 1,200 mm
Gewicht 250 kg