Manual point machine of 42 series for an economically-efficient solution
Manual point machine of 42 series for deployment in flat-bottom points
Point machine HWU42 can be adapted in earthcases of other makes
Manual point machine of 42 series adaptable in earthcases of other makes

Point Machines of the 42 Series

Simple solutions suffice to set points at many places in the line network. The manual point machine is the most pragmatic and the most economically-efficient solutionfor points which are trailed and also for faced points which are seldom set. HANNING & KAHL has spurred on technological developments also for these applications – and offers manual point machines in innovative, reliable design.

Manual point machines made by HANNING & KAHL have proven themselves worldwide. The manual point machine HWU42 convinces by optimum cost/benefit ratio, as a result of the following advantages:

  • low installation height
  • Spring-back or throwover function? Simply set with the same components on site
  • For most point types, gauges and point openings up to 60 mm
  • Manual setting with low force requirement with just one stroke
  • Progressively adjustable spring force for securing point tongues in their end positions
  • Progressively adjustable damping means noise reduction and wear protection
  • Can be adapted in earthcases of other makes and in earthcase of the HANNING & KAHL 60 and 61.1 series

Technical Data 42 Series

Drive form manual, in spring-back and throwover function
Point type flat-bed, deep-bed
Holding force up to 2,500 N, progressively adjustable
Manual setting force < 400 N
Point opening up to 60 mm
Installation height 180 mm incl. earthcase
Earthcase can be driven over, permissible axle load 12 t
Permissible speed when faced max. 15 km/h
Permissible trailing speed in spring-back function max. 25 km/h