Screw-on rail-drainage boxes carry contamination from grooved rails to drain channels
When cover is removed, contamination and clogging can be easily removed
The rail drainage box is attached to the rail with two screws
Rail drainage box in operation on grooved rails

Screw-on track drainage boxes

In the course of time, dirt, sand, leaves and lots of other things gather in grooved rails and reduce the effective rail depth thus impairing the safe track guidance of rail vehicles. By mounting HANNING & KAHL track drainage boxes, all contamination and rainwater can be quickly drained off from the grooved rails into drainage channels.

On account of its large drainage opening, the groove can be flushed quickly and in a practical manner. Contamination and blockages can be easily removed through the drainage pipe accessible through the lid which is equipped with bayonet locking. The drainages boxes can be screwed to the rail with 2 screws.

Technical Data Screw-on track drainage boxes

Construction Compact cast steel housing with protective coating dimensions of a paving stone
Rail profile All types of grooved rail profiles
Mechanical connection Track rod screw M22 in line with VÖV 3.570.3, Blatt 2
Clearance of the fastening screws is identical to the track rod screw
Load Up to 12 t axle load
Cover With bayonet locking and opening for cleaning lance
Connection drain channel Diameter 88 mm, inner