Point machine for for Flat-Bottom Points
Clear arrangement and easy access to the components
End-position monitoring with clearly visible forced-guided contacts
Optimal visibility of lock function
Point machine H715 at the main station Linz
Point machine H715 installed in the rail network operated by Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)
Point machine H715 at Calmbach (AVG) railway station

Point machines of the H715 series

Equipment with maximum availability, high safety integrity and low maintenance requirement enable tram operators to provide safe and efficient transportation. The requirements jointly defined by Austrian ÖBB, Swiss SBB and German DB played a decisive role when developing the new HANNING & KAHL point machine H715.

The application range of this innovative point machine stretches from line networks for heavy rail, local public transport and freight transportation to industrial and harbour railways. The trend-setting point machine H715 can be integrated into all kinds of flat-bottom points with various gauges. Together with an external locking system it ensures safe performance with regard to route setting, securing point tongues in end positions and permanent tongue monitoring. Implementation of the required safety functions and the resulting operational safety of point machine H715 fulfil the highest requirements of CENELEC SIL 4. Point machines in existing point systems can easily be replaced by the H715 as both the mechanical and electrical interfaces are compatible.

Characteristic features of the 715 series

  • Swift change between left and right installation as only the detector slide has to be turned without retrofitting a hydraulic unit
  • Unique visual check of the locking and monitoring elements
  • Open electric interface allows simple adaptation to different controller and interlocking requirements
  • Plug-in assembly enables fast and error-free installation/replacement of the point machine or individual modules
  • Hydraulic drive system offers constant setting force over the entire service life
  • Setting force can be quickly adapted to
    technical conditions as necessary
  • Low-maintenance thanks to lubricant-free ball and sliding bearings
  • Minimal need for operating materials; hydraulic drive unit operates with less than a litre of hydraulic fluid
  • Simple replacement of existing point machines by use of some of the existing attachment bores
  • Top cover opening for manual setting with all available cranks
  • Installation on hollow bearer possible with bearing bracket

    Performance spectrum 715 series

    Nominal voltage AC 400 V / AC 230 V
    Point opening 120 … 240 mm
    Setting force 3.000 … 9.000 N
    Holding force 6.500 … 10.000 N
    Setting time < 2 … 6 s
    Weight 123 kg
    Housing protection IP 54
    Temperature range -33 °C … +70 °C